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The wait is over! COPMOBA, the BLM, the City of Fruita, the Grand Valley Trails Alliance and hundreds of volunteered have worked hard for this day. Today we celebrate the Grand Opening of the latest new trail in Fruita. After two years of planning, months of preparations, tens of thousands of dollars of sponsorship, three fantastic volunteer build days, a week of custom construction by Singletrack Trails, some critical moisture and huge community support, we are opening the trail code named “Trail B” and launched with the official name of MoJoe today! This is the third trail completed in the 18 Road bicycle emphasis area and the fourth in Fruita in the past 12 months and is an example of how working closely with a diverse range of partners can result in lots of new trails. We invite the community to come out and enjoy the trail over the next few weeks. It is a new spin on the Fruita flow and builds off of the design style of the popular trail PBR. MoJoe is a directional trail with a variety of jumps, banked turns, rollers and hips targeted toward the more adventurous intermediate and advanced rider. MoJoe is located just West of Kessel Run and directly South of Joe’s Ridge. It starts at the dirt road that transects the 18 Road area and ends at the intersection between Kessel and Zippity Do Dah. Have fun!


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