New Fruita Trail Priorities

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With the gears turning on the new Fruita trail building effort in the North Fruita Desert in the run up to the Fruita Fat Tire Festival, there is now a overview trail map showing the current trail building priorities and efforts. North Fruita Desert Trail Building Priorities

Anne’s Pump Track

The first new Fruita trail building effort this spring is focused on the trail, Anne’s Pump Track (red line). This trail is to the East and parallels Prime Cut and will be a great trail that will highlights some new thinking and a new direction in trail planning and construction for the Fruita area. The trail will feature banked berm sections, jumps and rollers that play in the natural terrain. Anne’s Pump Track will keep the flow that Fruita is famous for, but adds more of a fun, free ride feel. We are confident that Pump Track will become a must ride trail and a marquee piece of singletrack for the North Fruita Desert. Funding for this trail build is nearly complete, but your donation will help ensure there are no delays in construction for financial reasons. Build Anne’s Pump Track Trail

Eat at Joe’s

The second effort, Eat at Joe’s (blue line) will be a little farther to the West and will build off the great Joes’ Ridge. This trail will feature the new more technical emphasis in the North Fruita Desert and will also build in a great option for riding an almost infinite series of loops in combination with Prime Cut, Kessel Run, Zippity Do Dah and West Zippity. We envision the addition of Eat at Joe’s to the trail mix will tax your leg muscles and your face muscles from smiling. Funding for this trail still needs your support. We would like to build this trail before the Fruita Fat Tire Festival, but it will require significant financial donations from the industry, businesses and individuals to make it happen in time. Build Eat at Joe’s Trail

Zip Off

The third new Fruita trail priority in this newest trail building effort in the North Fruita Desert is a connector trail from Western Zippity back to the base of Zippity Do Dah called Zip Off (yellow line). This third trail provides a great linkage to the world-class Zippity Do Dah and ties the far Western Zippity back into the main trail cluster connecting it in a really exciting fashion. When Zip Off is built, Fruita will have a couple of big loop options without having to tackle the Edge Loop. Zip Off will only happen with your financial support. Please help make it happen! Build Zip Off Trail


  1. Michael Cody

    March 18, 2012

    Will any of this trails be direction specific, i.e. Anne’s being a downhill only trail?

    • Dave Grossman

      March 18, 2012

      I don’t know whether the trail will be a directional trail. It makes sense and I hope we can sign it that way. I will speak with the BLM to see if they have any objection to it being managed as a directional trail.

    • Dave Grossman

      March 28, 2012

      We are in discussions with the BLM regarding making Anne’s Pumptrack a directional trail. They are initially supportive of the idea and await a final decision.

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