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Sponsor new trails in Fruita

Welcome to FruitaSingletrack.com!

Thank you for visiting this site dedicated to the singletrack trails around Fruita, Colorado. This site is emerging as an important tool for helping plan, manage and fund new trails in the world-class trail system that is North Fruita Desert (18 Road) and Kokopelli singletrack (Mary’s Loop area). Your help is needed and appreciated!  
What can I do?
How can I help build trail?
How can I help plan trails?
Where can I donate?
What else can I help with?

We Need Your Donations!

We will be launching a fundraising campaign this spring in support of a major trail building effort. We need your donations to make this a reality. We are asking the bike industry to donate bikes, components, apparel, and products to be used in an auction. We are also asking local businesses to donate products, services, gift certificates, meals, accommodations and anything members of the mountain biking community value as a way of supporting the trails of Fruita. We also need your financial contributions! Please donate today and ride some spectacular new trails this summer!  

Have more questions?

If you want some more information and can’t find it on this website, please feel free to contact: COPMOBA Grand Valley Trails Alliance


What if I just want to ride?

We don't blame you! We love to ride, too. And one of our favorite things is riding new trail. So help us with this effort and we will all have some great new trails to enjoy very soon!

About Fruita Singletrack

Fruita Singletrack trails are known as some of the best mountain bike trails in the world and have gained this reputation over more than two decades of riding. The trail system in the North Fruita Desert features trails that are characterized by a magical flow.

What is the Purpose of FruitaSingletrack.com

This website is dedicated to developing singletrack trail around Fruita by spreading the word about the trail system and helping to raise the very important funding to make trail building projects a reality.
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FruitaSingletrack.com is a collaborative effort by a variety of organizations, individuals and businesses. Lend a hand!