First Two Trails Receive BLM Approval

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The first two trails of the new five trail project received final approval to begin construction! Anne’s Pumptrack that will be built just to the East of Prime Cut will be built by Singletrack Trails and is planned to be completed in time for the Fruita Fat Tire Festival at the end of the month. This new trail will feature the a new design emphasis for Fruita that Greg Mazu of Singletrack Trails is calling PBR; Pumps, Berms and Rollers. The trail will capture the same flow that Fruita is world famous for, but add some new elements to build the excitement! Fruita 2.0! The second trail that has received BLM approval, Zip Off, will be built with effort from the Western Colorado Conservation Corps (WCCC) and volunteer effort and should be built this spring. Zip Off will connect off the bottom of Zippity Do Dah and will be a reroute of sorts and make much nicer use of the terrain than the current double track trail does. Zip Off will also be built with the new Fruita 2.0 idea that blends the flowing fun and a new emphasis on some new school features. There are still three more trails to build and we still have more money to raise before we can build them, but we are excited to get these two trails underway! You can help get all five trails built this year with a financial donation, by sponsoring trails in our $5 a Foot trail sponsorship or by sponsoring a sign in the 18 Road Parking Lot! There are also trail work days coming up that will be critical to help make these trails a reality!

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